Thursday, January 20, 2011

Super Soup

The Thai Chicken Soup was great. My hubby and I both loved it. Chance, who is 3, liked it too, but Cash, 1, didn't. He ate a little, but I don't think that his palette is quite developed enough for a complex soup like this one. Is was perfect, creamy and sweet, with a bit of heat that touches the back of your throat for the finish. I am not really one for cooked bell peppers (they're sometimes bitter), but the red bell peppers complemented to soup nicely adding a sweet, fresh flavor.

Dinner Tonight

Well, as a self-confessed magazine junkie, I am going to try and review recipes as offen as possible from the magazines I frequently read. Tonight is a recipe from Food Network magazine, November 2010. Thai Chicken Soup - we'll see what the hubs and kiddos think!
This weekend we tried the recipe for Buffalo Chicken Nachos from the Food Network magazine, the Jan. 2011 issue. I changed it up a bit, I used regular tortilla chips instead of ranch flavored, mozzarella instead of cheddar, and instead of sprinkling blue cheese crumbles over the top, we drizzled homemade ranch dressing on top. They were fabulous, super easy and super quick!